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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome – Winter Uniform – Free dress day

It is now Week 3 and officially winter uniform time. Thank you for supporting your children to wear the correct uniform – everyone looks very smart and warm! When we talk to the students about our school uniform, we remind them that there are two aspects to wearing the St Bernard’s school uniform. The first is to wear the correct uniform, and in this, they need to be supported by their parents who buy the correct items and make sure they are clean and ready to wear. The second aspect is in wearing the uniform with pride and respect, and this is up to them: tucking shirts in, folding collars down, shoelaces tied up etc. Our school uniform is a way of conveying pride and respect in our school community – not only in what is worn, but in how it is worn.

By the way, if you haven’t already seen our Year 6 leavers’ shirts, be sure to check them out – they look great!

Free dress day for Casuals for Catholic Care on Tuesday May 21st, please see details later in the newsletter

School Registration Compliance Audit

Our School Registration Compliance Audit takes place on Wednesday 22nd May and provides us with a great opportunity to get feedback about our school policies, processes and procedures. The auditor, Mr Tom Campbell, will be on site for the day and will be meeting with our Board Chairperson, Mr James Eyres, teachers, staff and myself, as well as reviewing our documentation.

Our whole school attended the ANZAC Day service at KDHS on the last day of Term 1. Oldest student, Elizabeth Mathwin, and youngest student, Oliver Shepherd, laid the wreath and our school captains, Zara Jenkins and Marietta Diallo, read the prayer and the Ode respectively. I was so proud of all our students who represented their school with such pride and respect at this service. During the holidays, Year 6 students Josh Sanders, Marietta Diallo, Elizabeth Mathwin, Zara Jenkins and Sophia Chitty represented St Bernard’s in the community march and service. Josh and Marietta laid the wreath on behalf of the school. My thanks to these students and their families for supporting this event and to our teachers, Ms Melanie Thomas and Ms Esther Kerr, for supporting the students on the day.


NAPLAN assessments are all but completed for our Year 3 and Year 5 students. Their teachers and I have been so impressed with the way the students have approached the tests and the effort they have put into completing them. There have been no major problems and the first fully online delivery of the NAPLAN (apart from Year 3 Writing which remained a paper test) has gone very smoothly at St Bernard’s. Full reports for both school and parents will be released later in the year.

P&F and School Board

Both of our hard-working parent bodies are looking for people willing to fill the position of secretary. Our school is a better place for the support it receives from parents working through the P&F and School Board, with all our students benefiting from such things as the recent Goods and Services Auction which raised $26 000 for our school. If you are able to help by getting involved and helping to fill either of these secretarial positions, please contact the school office.

Fr Francis

Please keep Fr Francis in your prayers as he recovers from his recent surgery. Fr Francis faces a lengthy period of recovery and will be replaced at most weekend masses by Fr Pierre. During the week we have the support of Fr Jay from Narrogin, and Fr Jay will be with us next week for the Sacrament of Reconciliation for our Year 3 students. These students completing the sacrament and their parents attended a family workshop on Monday to help in their preparation to receive the sacrament next Thursday. Next Wednesday the Year 3/4 class will take part in a sacramental retreat for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist with Mrs Sue Barton. This will be a great chance for the whole class to get together to extend their understanding of the sacraments and to understand how they can benefit both as sacramental candidates and as prayer friends. Please keep these students in your prayers also.


Until next time, God Bless,

Mrs Sharon Marino


St Bernard's

Catholic Primary School


11 Katanning Road,
Kojonup WA 6395
08 9831 3500

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